Glasba je povsod (Music is Everywhere) is the anthem of project Muzikalckov zaklad (Music Gnome's Treasure).
OK, we've had it. We are not translating the lyrics. You simply have to learn Slovenian. When? There's no time like the present. Use this song to do it.

  1. Listen to the song. Don't let it take space on your disk for nothing.
  2. Learn to sing the song. You may find lyrics useful.
  3. Whenever you hear the song, join it. We want you to be audiable, not just humming it to yourself. Especially if you see the musical. By downloading this song, you are not obliged to see the musical, but if you will come to see it and you will have downloaded the song, we will expect you to sing along and help the Music Gnome Muzikalcek.
  4. All rights of the producer and the owner of this work reserved. Should you know anyone interested to hear this song, give him or her the link to Damjana's page.